Data Capture 

RDS Systems offer options for recording and storing individual jobs for accounting and ease of use.


Printer Option

 The thermal printer option gives the operator the ability to print individual load weights after each job. The instruments can be set to print automatically after load completion or manually as required.


 With the printer option interfaced with the Weighlog 200Weighlog Alpha 10 or Alpha 100, an individual Load Sub Total and overall Grand Total weight summery can be printed.

Information printed includes:

  • Job Number
  • Company name
  • Date and Time
  • Weight

SD Card

 The SD card module is standard on the Weighlog a10.

The SD card electronically saves load data as each load is completed. At any convenient time the card can be placed into a suitable card reader. Information saved is downloaded and can be opened and formatted in XL spreadsheet.

Spare cards allow flexibility with cards being able to be rotated allowing current data to be processed.

Information saved includes:

  • Job Number
  • Date and Time
  • Weight
  • Product
  • Customer name