Q. You're based in the South Island, I'm in the Waikato region... 

A. We travel the length of New Zealand on a regular basis and are more than happy to drop in to discuss your requirements.
Servicing our installations is likewise 'not a problem'.

 On-Board Weighing:

Q. Do they work? A. Yes – very well.
Q. What is the system for me?  A. This largely depends on the data you wish to capture as well as the machine you need scales for.
Contact your RDS Dealer for advice on the solution for your requirements.
Q. Can I upgrade my system?

A. Yes. In some cases all that is required is a software upgrade. In others there are additional hardware components needed.
Your RDS Dealer can generally provide a quote for this. For the more difficult we may need to site visit and assess for estimate.

Q. What is speed compensation?  A. As speed of lift changes there are outside influences that affect weight readings
E.g. these can be oil flow, friction of loader pins or forklift chains. Speed compensation, with dynamic weighing, allows the calibration routine to filter these differences to provide consistent and accurate weight readings for the range of lift speeds required.
Q. What is a multiple sensor system? A. Normally associated with Telehandlers and some newer models of tractors.
With some machines, oil pressure from return lines, compensating and crowd rams can influence the lift ram pressures which are measured to provide the load weights. The multi sensor system allows us to compensate for this and provide good accuracy. 
Twin sensors are normally installed on larger wheeled loaders.
Modern tractors are also being installed with two as well with telehandlers having up to four pressure sensors used depending on the make and model of machine