User-friendly and cost-effective method of monitoring.

The tramlining function is the priority display and the unit will default to this channel.
Two memory registers (Total1 and Total 2) record the area worked.
Area totals and all calibration data are stored automatically in memory when the instrument is switched off.
In order to alert the operator to machine performance issues, the MFDC 100 offers further alarm functions.
A Forward Speed Alarm warns the operator if the machine stops whilst the drill is in work or when speed is low.
There are also programmable High and Low Fan Speed alarms to warn offan performance status and a Distribution Shaft Speed Alarm to indicate if the shaft stops for more than 40 seconds. 

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  • Forward speed
  • Tramline count (symmetric and asymmetric)
  • Area (2 total)
  • Metering shaft speed
  • Fan speed
  • Hopper level alarm
  • 2 x Tramline output