RDS Lift Alert 

The Liftlog 100+ from RDS is a cost-effective hydraulic weighing system providing an easy-touse guide to forklift weight.




A load measuring device with overload warning functions suitable for forklifts. It features a visual and audible alarm at the approach of overload and at the overload point.


  • Increases loading safety in yard and/or warehouse
  • Increases vehicle efficiency
  • Minimises machine downtime for servicing or repair
  • Promotes best operator practice
  • Value-adding system for minimal investment
  • Requires no user interaction
  • Maintains machines lifting capacity and driver visibility


  • LCD screen indicates % read-out and bar graph of load status
  • Initial audible alarm at 90% of permitted load and continuous audible alarm and flashing display at 100% and over
  • Overload logging capability
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Proven technology in a robust waterproof enclosure sealed to IP67
  • Unique bracket enables installation of the instrument in any position