The RDS Artemis is a variable rate control and monitoring system for seed drills. The system removes the need for a mechanically driven landwheel by operating the metering unit with an electric motor maintaining its speed proportional to forward speed, or adjusting sowing rates to suit the mapping provided by the precision farming option if this is utilised.

The Artemis PSi system can run up to two motors and provides all the essential seed drill control and monitoring functions including:

  • In and out of work sensor
  • Forward speed
  • Metering Shaft monitoring
  • Tramline count & control
  • Two area totals (partial and total)
  • Fan speed
  • Hopper low level alarms

Features and Advantages

  • Pre-start facility – to prime the seed mechanism before drilling, simply press the Pre-Start button, wait a few seconds and pull away.
  • Simple & fast operator product calibration – press Drill Priming Button, dispense product into a container, weigh and enter actual weight into the instrument.
  • Rate Adjustment 'on the move' - when application rates require changing, utilise the manual adjustment buttons.
  • Precision Farming capability – add an RDS GPS receiver and load a pre-defined seeding plan via SD card for automated variable seed rate application.
  • Integrated SD card reader – allows basic data logging to produce field records. Prints in text or csv format for uploading directly into a spread sheet or yield map proprietary software packages.
  • Printer option – useful for contractors to produce field records.