RDS Shaft Speed Monitors



Shaft Speed Monitors

The RDS Shaft speed range of instruments provides an easy to use and cost effective method of monitoring up to six shafts at the same time.




  • They offer audible and visual alarms to alert the operator to drops in performance and/ or malfunctions of the machines.
  • Three model options are available.
  • Programmable speed alarms.
  • Cut out switching options – in or out of work
  • Stop Alarm option (660 only) connects to a relay to operate a solenoid/motor actuated switch or valve which can inhibit machine function
Functions Shaftspeed 6 Shaftspeed 600 Shaftspeed 660
Monitors up to six separate shaft speeds    
Monitors up to 4 separate shaft speeds    
Monitors up to 3 separate shaft speeds    
Programmable low shaft speed alarm
Programmable high shaft alarm  
Forward soeed  
Area worked (partial and total)  
Hour meter  
Secondary alarm output    
Automatic cut-out switch  

Using a magnetic sensor on each shaft, the instrument is calibrated to display the shaft RPM on the selected channel. Each shaft speed channel has programmable speed alarms which trigger an internal audible and visual alarm. The Shaftspeed 6 offers a low-speed alarm threshold whilst the 600 and 660 offer programmable high or low-speed alarms and a secondary alarm output that can be used to physically inhibit operation or warn of alarm condition.

The 600 and 660 offer the further functions of forward speed and partial/total area measurement. Both units have an automatic cut-out switch to prevent area accumulation when turning on headlands etc.

The 660 includes an hour meter and a ‘STOP’ alarm for monitoring a particular machinery component. This feature automatically activates an alarm output , e.g. a connection to a relay to operate a solenoid/motor-actuated switch or valve which can inhibit machine function.