RDS Weighlog 100

Loading correctly first time maximises productivity, reduces vehicle movement, fuel usage and machine and tyre wear.




The Weighlog 100 is a user-friendly on-board weighing system that is suitable for a variety of applications. 
The Weighlog 100 takes the reading while lifting, works out and displays the nett weight and adds it to the memory total, commonly used for tractor installation.

The Weighlog 100 loader scales are intended for use on mobile equipment such as tractors with a front end loader, wheel loaders, fork lifts and skid-steer loaders. Dynamic weighing is speed sensitive on this instrument.

These instruments measure, display and record the net weight lifted, normally based on sensing the lift system hydraulic pressure. Pressure sensing is problematic on certain types of equipment due to the design of the hydraulic system. In these instances strain sensing or multiple sensor technology may be used instead.

The Weighlogs have five individual display channels available - as well as a TOTAL channel. The 5 channels can be calibrated for different loader attachments or be allocated to different commodities being loaded. Each channel will display the nett weight lifted. After each lift the weight can be entered and accumulated to give a running load total. The TOTAL channel accumulates a Grand Total of all weights entered on the 5 individual channels.

Know the weight of what you are feeding out, spreading or loading a truck, with Weighlog 100 loader scales.

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  • Multi-channel load weight display with grand total summary
  • Static and dynamic weighing modes for full 'weighing on the lift' capability
  • 5 display channels for multiple attachments, stores, products etc
  • Water and weather proof construction - suitable for vehicles without cabs
  • Free standing or panel mounted design with backlit 4 digit LCD display
  • An internal audio alarm
  • Optional external audio alarm
  • The instrument is normally powered on via the ignition circuit and recalls the function selected when last used


  • Multiple channels enable accurate load accumulation of various products for different applications and batch weighing
  • Multiple channels allow accurate calibration for machines that change attachments regularly
  • Ensures correct loading of vehicles or product
  • Check-weigh incoming goods, aiding stock management
  • A remote push button is installed to accept and enter the indicated weight
  • Accurately load outgoing goods
  • Assists batch blending